Baskets, Berries & Leaves

Baskets, Berries & Leaves

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Six Cats in My Garden

I've been thinking about Linda Brannock and wishing her well and continued good health after a recent hospital stay.  Looking back through some of her books, I decided I wanted to make her Six Cats in My Garden.  A quilt I can relate to considering all the cats that I have had over the years.  I think eight cats were the most that Jim and I had at one time. 

The quilt is from Miss Jump's Memories.

The applique pieces are large, almost 26" across so the applique is easy and simple to accomplish.  I'm using the needle turn applique method and lots of older Brannock and Patek fabrics.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I'm participating in the Around the World Blog Hop.  I was tagged by Shannon of Fawson Farm.  The picture above is a sample of Shannon's beautiful wool projects.  She teaches, she sews, she cooks, she blogs...
What am I working on?

I'm basting Baskets, Berries and Leaves so I can start to hand quilt it.

I'm hand quilting the Pokeberry Quilt.

It's coming along with the big stitch.
I'm reproducing the Emily Munroe Quilt using wool backgrounds and wool applique  An antique quilt from the Civil War era.
How does my work differ from other quilters?

My work differs only in that I'm more drawn to the more traditional primitive aspect of quilting.  I'm drawn to the older, vintage fabrics and designs from Brannock and Patek.  Those fabrics have a tone that I have not found in the newer fabrics.
I'm drawn to applique quilts using the needle turn applique method for most of my primitive quilts.
Why do I create or write this blog?

It's become a journal of sorts for me over the years.  It's also a way for me to connect and share from a Sue Spargo quilt to
my bird photos

to the wildlife outside my window.

How does my writing and creating work?
My posts are usually spontaneous and are a reflection of what I might be working on at the time or maybe some interesting wildlife pictures that I've been able to capture.
A blog I recommend for her traditional rug making is Cee of The Diary of a Rugmaker.  She uses traditional methods to create one of kind penny rugs and table mats.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Show Me How You Eat a Pine Cone...

First you find a good pine cone, be careful how you carry it...

I use my fingers...

So I can get a good bite...
Occasionally I peel it like a banana...

Stop staring!  Yes, I'm a male...

Almost done...

Can you show me where I can wash my face?

Sunday, October 05, 2014


The Pokeberry Quilt

Making progress on the hand quilting.  Should be finished soon and I will use it to replace one my Summer quilts.
Glad you all like the pics of the Elk, appreciate your comments.